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Remember, the standalone ExpenseIt app will no longer be offered as of Jan 1, 2019. ExpenseIt is now available in the SAP Concur mobile app. You no longer need to use the standalone Expenseit app.  Now managing your expenses, from start to finish, is available within a single app. 

ExpenseIt is currently available for company purchase through Concur. 

To create an account, just download the ExpenseIt app from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store and sign in using your Concur credentials.

You must have a Concur account in order to use ExpenseIt. If your company already uses Concur, but does not have the ExpenseIt product, please contact your Concur program administrators and let them know you are interested in ExpenseIt.  We can work with your program administrators to roll out ExpenseIt to your organization. Contact requests can also be submitted at 

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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