Viewing exported ExpenseIt receipts

All receipts not already moved to an individual expense report will appear on your main Concur Expense page.

ExpenseIt is designed solely to digitize receipts and send them to Concur Expense for processing. Management of your expense reports can be handled with Concur Mobile and the Web version of Concur Expense.

After (manual or automatic) export of your receipts from ExpenseIt to Concur, you will need to go to Concur Expense and import your expenses into an expense report.

- All receipts submitted with the ExpenseIt app, not already moved into an individual expense report, will appear under Available Expenses on your main Expense page.

- You can transfer one or multiple receipts via the Move menu directly above your available expenses.

- To edit any receipt data you first need to move your receipt into an individual expense report.


Updated: May 1, 2017

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