Resubmitting receipts

You can resubmit your receipt image from your phone.

If for any reason you have submitted your receipt for analysis and you have not seen it processed (receipt not returned to you, long delay, receipt not appearing in Concur Expense, etc.) you can resubmit your receipt image.   

How to resubmit your receipt image:

As long as you've taken an image of your receipt it will be stored in your Camera Roll (iOS) or in Photos (Android).  

You can submit your previously photographed receipts by pulling up the photos from your Photos/Camera Roll.  The process is different for each phone.


Click on the camera button in the ExpenseIt app to go to the camera mode. In  the camera mode, you will see an icon for selecting from your gallery; the icon is located in the bottom left on an iOS device.   Select the image you want to send and submit!.

If you no longer have the physical receipt and have not saved images on your Camera Roll you can resubmit from History.



To resubmit, after opening the receipt image, click on the share icon in the action bar at the top of the page.  From the share menu you can email your receipt to  The receipt will be sent directly to Concur Expense.  

Lollipop and above users need to locate the photo in their Photos section (or their ExpenseIt folder if they have a third party photo app on their phone). Phones with KitKat or older - open your gallery and locate the ExpenseIt folder.  All (non-deleted) images you have taken with the ExpenseIt app will be housed in this folder. 

Updated: Nov 16, 2017

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