Emailing receipts to Concur

Email Your Receipts to Concur

If you have digital receipts, images, pdfs, you may forward them to from any email address already associated with your Concur account. You will see your receipts in Concur Expense auto-populated with the same details that you see in ExpenseIt.

Please note that emailed receipts will not appear in your ExpenseIt app. They will go straight to Concur Expense.

Secondary Address:
Adding a secondary email address to your Concur account will enable you to email receipts from any address associated with your Concur Account.
To add a secondary email in Concur go to:  Concur > Profile > Profile Settings > Email Addresses > Add An Email Address.  Once you've added the address, be sure to click "OK" to the right of the address field. 
Updated: Nov 17, 2017
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