Getting started

Remember, the standalone ExpenseIt app will no longer be offered as of Jan 1, 2019. ExpenseIt is now available in the SAP Concur mobile app. You no longer need to use the standalone Expenseit app.  Now managing your expenses, from start to finish, is available within a single app. 

Getting Started

To get started, launch the ExpenseIt app and sign in using your Concur credentials. You will be taken to your Home page, which will say You have no expenses.  (Note: You must have a Concur account and your company must purchase ExpenseIt through their Concur contract before you can use the app.)

  • iOS: You will see a camera button at the bottom of the screen. Tap this.  Android: Tap the + sign.
  • Now line up a receipt and take a photo.
  • Verify that the photo is clear, then tap the check mark.
  • Wait for ExpenseIt to process your image (processing time varies based on fluctuations in volume).
  • When processed and returned to you, depending on your settings, you can review the processed receipt and verify the details for the date, vendor, category, amount, and currency fields on the app and then submit to Concur or, if set to auto-export, you can review and edit in Concur Expense.
  • You have just utilized ExpenseIt for the first time!

Please see our ExpenseIt Best Practices help page.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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