Edits and comments


You may make corrections (edits) to your expense details after your analyzed receipt has been returned. Just tap on the analyzed image to open the edit page and be sure to save your changes before closing.

You can only make corrections in the app before you send your expenses to Concur (via the Export button). Once you have clicked the Export button, you will no longer be able to make changes in the ExpenseIt app, and will have to go to Concur to make corrections.

If you have auto-export to Concur turned on, your receipts will export to Concur as soon as they're analyzed and you'll need to make any corrections to your expense from within Concur.


You can add comments to a receipt image before or after it's been analyzed. Once you've taken a picture of your receipt, tap Add comment, then tap the Done after you've entered your comments.

If the receipt has already been analyzed but not yet exported to Concur, you can still add a comment. Just tap on the analyzed image which will open the edit page then add your comment. Be sure to save your changes before closing.

Updated: Jul 21, 2018


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