ExpenseIt best practices

The best ways to have ExpenseIt work for you:

Use ExpenseIt on the go!: ExpenseIt is designed for the individual to use while on the go.  The best practice is to take an image of your receipt at the time of purchase and immediately submit it to ExpenseIt .  When it’s time to create your expense report all of your receipts will be available in Concur Expense.  

Manually or Auto Export?: On the app you have the choice of either reviewing (and editing if necessary) your analyzed receipt(s) prior to manually submitting them to Concur Expense or to have all of your analyzed receipts automatically submitted to Concur Expense (you can also edit in the Concur Expense tool once you move the receipt to a report).  To set up auto-export, go to Settings (upper right of screen on Android ExpenseIt homepage; upper left on iOS devices) and select ON for the Automatically export expenses to Concur option.

Updated:  Nov 16, 2017

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